What We Do

Brand Development and Launch
Our team will work with you to bring your dream from concept to established brand.
Brand Growth
We offer expert tailored consulting to increase brand sales and awareness.
Sale of Brand
The choice to keep or sell a brand is 100% up to you. There has never been a better time to build and grow a brand in the industry.

Over a century of experience so you can navigate the booze industry with confidence and clarity.

About Us

The team at New Wellington Brands has created, sold, and consulted on hundreds of different brands all at different stages.

Current Brands

How we make money

We do not have a cookie cutter approach when it comes to business. With most brands we work on a monthly fee against commission, but we are open to all options. We only get behind brands where we can help increase sales. If we do not believe that we can help above and beyond what you are already doing, we do not take it on.